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NetHui South 2014 wouldn’t exist without the support of a large number of Community Supporter organisations who participate in the creation of NetHui South to make it a diverse, cross-sector event. If you would like to become a Community Supporter of NethHui South 2014, contact
2020 The 2020 Communications Trust is a registered Charitable Trust established in1996, initially to fulfil a variety of digital literacy projects and obligations set out under the Wellington City Council’s InfoCity project. Since then, the Trust’s reach has expanded nationally via a number of highly acclaimed initiatives – each has a particular focus on empowering people to use ICT as a pathway to engage more fully in the communities, their countries and in today’s global village.
creative-commons-aotearoa-new-zealand-300x86 Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand provides free licences that allow people to share their copyright works for sharing and reuse. We support the uptake of these licences, particularly in government, universities, schools, heritage organisations and public funding bodies.
NgaPuWaea-Logo_transparent-SMALL-300x101 Nga Pu Waea  has been advising the government on Maori interests and development opportunities in broadband since 2010. Italso works to ensure that marae, kohanga, kura, wananga, iwi runanga and Maori health and social service providers benefit from the roll-out of broadband into rural areas through the Rural Broadband Initiative and through urban areas through the UltraFast fibre rollout.
Maori Internet  The New Zealand Māori Internet Society/Te Whānau Ipurāngi is excited to continue its support for NetHui (both regional and national). “We see NetHui as a way of empowering the average web user in Aotearoa/New Zealand to better make informed decisions while online. NetHui gives users access to a wealth of knowledge and experts that they would normally not have access to. It is also a great chance for everyone to be heard and to share their ideas. We look forward to many other regional NetHui events throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand. Naumai, Tautimaikouotu ki tānei hui.”
AUT Uni International black

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is the university for the changing world, an increasingly powerful force for learning and discovery. A contemporary, connected and relevant study destination, AUT has differentiated itself through its commitment to widening university access and participation, and its engagement with business, industry and communities.

AUT is the home of the World Internet Project survey in New Zealand. Conducted every two years this research tracks the various developments and trends of New Zealanders’ internet use and helps us to see where we sit amongst other countries in our up-take of digital technologies. We fully support the Nethui conferences as a great opportunity for those interested in the internet to share ideas and information.

IITP The Institute of IT Professionals is the professional body for those working in the Information Technology industry. With thousands of members nationwide, the Institute is the largest IT representative body in New Zealand. The Institute works closely with Industry, Government and Academia however is a fully independent non-profit body; funded, operated and governed by IT Professionals. The Institute has been the voice of the IT Profession for over 50 years.

EPIC is New Zealand’s community of high tech entrepreneurs, built in 2012 to house Canterbury companies displaced by the Christchurch earthquake. EPIC serves as a bridge between companies, V.C.s, Governments and other hubs from around the world, whilst fostering a collaborative work environment for the 20 tenants under its roof.

EPIC supports NetHui’s vision of a better world through a better internet, both nationally and globally.

TCANZ Logo (1) TCANZ, the member association for content developers, technical communicators, information designers, and related professionals in New Zealand, wholeheartedly supports NetHui. This Hui provides a unique space for New Zealanders of different backgrounds to come together and discuss internet issues in New Zealand.
TUANZ-LogoSmall TUANZ is a not-for-profit membership association with over 27 years of positive telecommunications change in our history. It comprises about 300 members, predominantly large organisations with a strong dependency on telecommunications technology as well as small enterprises.
 Net_Safe_logo  NetSafe is an independent non-profit organisation that promotes confident, safe, and responsible use of online technologies. It promotes cybersafety and champion digital citizenship by educating and supporting individuals, organisations and industry on a range of issues.
opc The Privacy Commissioner works as a watchdog and regulator to promote and protect personal privacy, and supports best practices in information handling. NetHui is an important forum for a vibrant discourse about technology, the internet and privacy. It is an essential opportunity for everyone interested in capturing the benefits of the internet in ways that also respect the people behind that information.