Panel: Innovation and Opportunity: Connecting Canterbury

Friday: 4:00pm

Panellists: Steve Fuller – Enable Networks Ltd. Anna Verboeket – Crown Fibre Holdings. Sam Callendar – Aoraki Development. Tom Mc Brearty – Enterprise Nth Canterbury. Anya Anderson – Redseed

Moderator: Raf Manji – Christchurch City Council

There’s a tremendous amount of work going on around connection from UFB to RBI and private sector initiatives. What will we do when we are all connected: what are the opportunities, challenges and what will be enabled by high speed data available like water – on tap? This panel will explore innovation, opportunity and ask NetHui South participants to ‘dream a little’ about what a connected Canterbury could be like, as we celebrate the 25th Anniversay of Internet connection to New Zealand.

Collaborative notes: Innovation and Opportunity