Exciting addition to NetHui South Programme!

InternetNZ is delighted to announce that as part of the upcoming NetHui South 2014, it has added a Day Zero to its programme and will now host Open Data Day on November 20.

InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter said he was excited by the prospect of providing a joint experience between Open Data Day and NetHui South.

“There’s an obvious meshing of ambitions between what Open Data Day sets out to do and NetHui South.

“The theme for Open Data Day is “An exciting new world” and its main aim is to focus discussion around the release and re-use of data. This obviously fits in very nicely with InternetNZ’s key objective of an open and uncaptureable Internet.

“There will be speakers, breakout discussions and a series of workshops on topics such as the future of open data, data journalism and open data technology.

“Once again the New Zealand Internet Community is working hard to provide some of the best events for people who have an interest in shaping New Zealand’s online world,” said Mr Carter.

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) is sponsoring Open Data Day as part of its Canterbury Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Programme – which includes a focus on open data and its use in support of the Canterbury rebuild.

Interested attendees can visit for a full programme or register for the Open Data Day and NetHui click “Register“.